The roof is the most important part of any building.

In most cases, it does its job of keeping water out and protecting the asset. However, a poorly installed roof can result in leaks and subsequent damage to the building.

The cause of the problem may be immediately obvious (for example, slipped slates or tiles, or damage to leadwork and flashings), or the problem may lie deeper in the form of inferior workmanship or non-compliance with the relevant British Standards, Building Regulations and manufacturers’ fixing instructions.

Failure to install the roof covering to the correct standards is a common cause of construction litigation and identification of the problem can help to save both time and money from disputes, ineffective repairs and unnecessary roof replacements.

At Roof Analytics, we are experts in the inspection of slate and tile roofs of any age, covering natural slating (including random and stone), single and double lapped tiling, cedar wood shingles and all associated details. If you suspect that an installation has not been carried out correctly, we can undertake an independent forensic investigation on your behalf.

This usually involves the stripping of small specific areas and benchmarking the installation to the relevant standards in force at the time of original fixture. Following this, we will provide a report, including:

  • A full written analysis of the roof condition and installation
  • Details of any breaches of British Standards, Building Regulations and manufacturers’ installation instructions
  • Photographs as supporting evidence
  • Measurements and samples (if relevant)
  • Recommendations for repair or replacement

We maintain strong relationships with all major manufacturers in the UK roofing market and have ready access to their technical teams. We are also experienced in providing evidence as expert witnesses in commercial settlement negotiations and court cases.

Lack of required nailing per course to plain tiles breaches manufacturer's recommendations and British Standards

Single nailing per course of Plain tiles breaches current British Standards

Accurate measurement of fixings ensures compliance with British Standards

Image shows accurate batten spacing to show correct laps relative to roof exposure and pitch

Accurate measurement of fixings establishes compliance with manufacturer's recommendations

Accurate measurement of head lap to double lapped slating

Single nailing of plain tiles breaches Building Regulations

Accurate measurement of fixings confirms compliance with Building Regulations

Measurement of tile margins establishes lack of required head lap breaching current standards

More courses of tiles to the left-hand roof slope translates that more head lap is in effect compared to the right-hand slope


All works are priced on an individual basis to ensure best value. Please note that as a large percentage of our work is reporting on disputed installations, it is company policy to only work on the basis of pro forma invoicing and, as such, we do not offer credit terms. In usual circumstances, inspection work is undertaken within a fortnight of receiving cleared funds.

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