Warranty inspections

The requirement to carry out annual or bi-annual inspections of flat roof waterproofing systems is often a condition of the manufacturer’s guarantee.

These inspections are important, not only to avoid invalidating the guarantee, but also to highlight areas that need maintaining and to identify any defects or issues as early as possible, so they can be reported to the manufacturer for comment and resolved before they develop into a bigger and potentially costly problem.

Our flat roof warranty inspections include:

  • Examination of the relevant operation and maintenance manuals and a thorough check of the guarantee small print and specification to ensure your roof complies with the guarantee terms
  • A detailed inspection of the roof, highlighting any areas of concern in a written report, with supporting photographs
  • Liaison with the manufacturer and/or installation contractor where required
  • Recommendations on any required remedial work or planned preventative maintenance
  • Reminders when your next inspection is due

We have strong relationships with the leading flat roof manufacturers, as well as expansive experience using their products, and, as such, we are well positioned to provide you with a thorough inspection and expert advice.


All works are priced on an individual basis to ensure best value. Please note that as a large percentage of our work is reporting on disputed installations, it is company policy to only work on the basis of pro forma invoicing and, as such, we do not offer credit terms. In usual circumstances, inspection work is undertaken within a fortnight of receiving cleared funds.

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