Roof asset

If you are an owner or manager of an estate of buildings, we can assist with the management of your roof assets.

This allows you to effectively maintain your roof and be proactive rather than reactive, saving potentially costly and time-consuming problems in the long term, and providing peace of mind.

A roof asset management plan can take the form of annual inspections and reporting, to costing up budgets for required maintenance, enabling efficient financial planning for remedial works to full re-roofs. We can also suggest which materials may be most suitable for replacement roofs. We are agnostic and independent when it comes to manufacturer specification, however we can make introductions where appropriate.

Key benefits

  • Identify potential issues early and prevent further damage
  • Reduce the risk of expensive repairs
  • Extend the expected life of the roof
  • Meet your maintenance obligation under manufacturers’ warranties
  • Budget for future roofing expenditures


All works are priced on an individual basis to ensure best value. Please note that as a large percentage of our work is reporting on disputed installations, it is company policy to only work on the basis of pro forma invoicing and, as such, we do not offer credit terms. In usual circumstances, inspection work is undertaken within a fortnight of receiving cleared funds.

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